What are TEE-coins (TEC)?

Simply put, TEC is a reward token built on top of blockchain technology given to users who perform activities on our platform. TEC can then be exchanged with coupons including discount and free items from the merchants listed on our platform. Soon, you will also be able to exchange it with other reward programs, mileage programs, and even make payment.

So, how do you earn TEC?

1. Referrals


Don’t keep the ChatTee experience all to yourself! Share it with friends and relatives, and allow them to join in on the experience. Remember, the more you give, the more you get. That is what ChatTee is all about – creating a culture of sharing by building your TEC count and helping your friends do the same. Soon, everyone around you will hop on the ChatTee bandwagon, and together you will discover a whole new world of cashless currency!

The ChatTee application has a referral system that benefits both the referrer and the referee! 

  • When you first install, launch and log in to the ChatTee application, you will be asked to enter a referral code.  
  • If you have been referred to use the application by someone, then entering their code will earn you 50 TEC and your referrer 10 TEC. (But that’s not all. Creating a new wallet earns you 125 TEC!) 
  • Now that you’re officially a part of the ChatTee community, you can refer the application to your friends with your referral code that is specific to your account.  You can find yours by launching the application, navigating to account, then referral and finally copying the unique referral code that you can send to your friends. 
  • ChatTee focuses on making the interface user-friendly, so it lets you forward the referral code via message/SMS from within the ChatTee application itself.

By now, you’ve probably seen that ChatTee is all about encouraging your friends to use the application and benefiting both of you in the process.

2. Writing Product and Service Reviews

Just enjoyed the most exciting free items/services from our platform? Share it with the ChatTee world! 

The ChatTee application is also about exploring and having fun while also earning some TEC. The application runs on AI engines which recommend coupons and merchants to visit as you browse through the merchants on ChatTee. The recommendations are made based on your user profile, behaviour, and similarity with other users. You can later drop in a review about your visit to earn some TEC.

  • Launch the application and write a genuine and authentic review about your experience after you redeem the coupons listed on ChatTee – how was the food? How were the ambience and service? Would you recommend others to drop by for a visit? 
  • The more detailed and engaging your review is, the more likely you are to get likes and build a following on your ChatTee profile for your honest reviews (visiting merchants with coupons and reviewing their services is one of the most effective ways of earning TEC on the application.) 
  • Just make sure you attach a picture or a screenshot, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn an additional 10 TEC (total 20 TEC). 

3. Getting Tipped


Once you leave a review it becomes a part of you and your identity on your ChatTee application profile. Be known for your reviews and get tipped for being useful to other users on the application! Individuals on the application can search for merchant reviews and tip them if they find the review to be helpful. Once you put up a review about a particular service, it stays there for other users to read and tip! Keep track of your transaction history to know which of your reviews get more tips than others to maximize your chances for earning TEC from future reviews.


4. Daily Login Rewards

ChatTee rewards being an active member by giving away TEC to users who regularly use the application. It is therefore strongly encouraged for users to log in every day to earn any TEC bonuses that may be available. Earning every bit of TEC by logging in frequently definitely goes a long way over time! Here’s a fun tip: keep doing this every day for a week and on the 7th day your chances of getting a high reward will be multiplied by

5. Checking-in

ChatTee has its QR codes available in various public places for scanning. These QR codes are displayed at the merchant shops who have participated in the check-in program with ChatTee.  The purpose of the ChatTee application is to encourage exploration and adventure while letting everyone join in on the fun by building their TEC wallets! Simply scan the QR code to check-in and view merchant services or menu along with the coupons available. Let the world be your oyster as you trot from place to place to scan QR codes and earn TEC using the ChatTee application on your phone.

Collecting more TEC is now just a check-in away!

6. Coinback


Similar to the cashback that we see in our daily lives, ChatTee offers a coinback system which lets you earn some extra TEC. Now you can earn varying coinback amounts on your first three redemptions (3, 4, 5 TEC)! So, what are you waiting for?

Making use of the coinback system is simple; just redeem a coupon to earn coinback or other rewards from the ChatTee application! 


7. Banner Clicking

Tired of seeing banners and advertisements? It’s time to use them to your advantage!

The ChatTee application lets you earn TEC by clicking on banners that you may come across. What was once a nuisance is now a ticket to collecting more TEC!

8. Events and Giveaways

Stay on the lookout because now and then you may be in for a surprise to earn some bonus TEC from events and giveaways!

Several free giveaways have happened in the past (Referral Contest, Survey Event, Seminar Event and etc.) where users gained opportunities to earn TEC simply by participating in seminars, filling in surveys or competing to see who can bring the most referrals.

A benefit from our on-going pre-IEO token sales (ends 31/08/2019) is to become an affiliate and earn 10% of the purchase price (in TEC) of the person referred for every sale. 

Keep your eyes on your screen because the next giveaway or event might be closer than you think!


  • Please note that ChatTee prioritizes transparency. You cannot sign up for multiple accounts from the same device and the same location to redeem TEC. 
  • To maintain good standards, we do not offer rewards on duplicate accounts. You will not be able to receive awards on duplicate accounts.
  • ChatTee holds all the rights to suspend accounts if any account is found to be abusing the system as we are doing the best to avoid cheaters and frauds.
  • To maintain transparency, please enable Location services for Check-ins.
  • Sign-up rewards, Referral rewards, and Review Rewards are available for users with Singapore phone numbers only for the time being.